FightFans / Frankie Edgar / Michael Chandler – “I Don’t Think Conor McGregor Gets The Credit That He Deserves”

Michael Chandler – “I Don’t Think Conor McGregor Gets The Credit That He Deserves”

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UFC Lightweight star Michael Chandler will be entering the octagon at UFC 257 to face Dan Hooker. Appearing on the latest episode of UFC Unfiltered, Chandler would say that he is excited and ready for the matchup.

Chandler would also discuss the main event of that show. Conor McGregor will be facing Dustin Poirier in a hotly anticipated rematch.

“If you take your competitor hat off and you put your fan hat on, [it’s exciting]?” Chandler would begin on the podcast. “You think about the run that Dustin Poirier has been on? Capturing the interim title…obviously losing to Khabib, but who hasn’t, let’s be honest the guy’s undefeated!”

“And then you look at Conor” Chandler continued. “With what he has done? He went from relative Superstar? To now the biggest combat sports icon on the entire planet. Since then he has had a lot of ups and a couple of downs, you know? The big fight with Floyd Mayweather [for example].”

Michael Chandler Talks Conor McGregor

Michael Chandler would then compare the difference between McGregor and Poirier from their first fight back in 2014. “They’re just two completely different fighters than they were back in a couple years ago” Chandler would state. “They’re both more mature.”

Chandler would finish by crediting Conor McGregor for his abilities, maybe even angling for a fight down the line. “I don’t think Conor gets the credit that he deserves. I have always said that Conor is not as good as he thinks he is, but he’s better than a lot of us think that he is.”

“Everybody was like ‘oh he’s just a talker he’s not that good'” Chandler continued. “The guy is a phenomenal mixed martial artist. The guy has polished up his game and he’s tenacious. He is living the lifestyle it seems, but the motivated Conor that people talk about? He’s a scary guy. And I think that fight. if Poirier can weather those first couple of rounds? It’s going to become a very interesting fight.”

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