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Rucker DaGoat – UFC Usman v Burns | Prefight Predictions

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We’re delighted to say that Fighter Fans have teamed up with the Rucker DaGoat YouTube channel. Rucker DaGoat releases content on a consistent basis and he is a fresh voice in the world of Mixed Martial Arts punditry. Fighter Fans is a platform for viewers and commentators in combat sports to make their voices heard. We know that you’ll enjoy some of the content that Rucker DaGoat produces.

You can check out the latest video from Rucker DaGoat below with pre-fight predictions for UFC 258: Usman vs Burns.

Rucker DaGoat

YouTube video

Gilbert Burns recently stated that he’s looking for a finish in the main event. ‘I want to finish you, I want to beat you up, knock you out, submit you. If I cannot, if I think you’re going to stay there, then I think of domination. But first, I’m thinking of finishing. That’s what I’m looking for and I’m looking forward to being dangerous everywhere in that fight.’

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