Big E

Big E (Ettore Ewen) is a WWE Superstar currently signed to the Friday Night SmackDown brand. Big E is a member of The New Day faction
Big E WWE Render 2023

Big E WWE Profile

Big E (real name Ettore Ewen) is a WWE Superstar currently signed to the Friday Night SmackDown brand. Ewen is a member of The New Day faction, a former powerlifter and football player.

He is currently on the sidelines though after suffering a terrifying injury in March 2022 which saw him dropped on his head during a match, fracturing his C1 and C6 vertebrae.

Born on March 1, 1986 in Tampa, Florida, Big E (Owen) is now 36 years old and does not live up to his ring moniker when it comes to height. He stands 5ft 11ins tall (1.80m).

Big E signed to WWE in 2009, after his recurring injuries had meant his football career was over. The former Big E Langston signed a developmental contract when he first joined WWE, appearing at their Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) promotion. 

FCW was eventually rebranded as NXT, and Langston made his debut on the newly made weekly television brand in August 2012. Langston won the NXT Championship in January 2013, after defeating Shield member Seth Rollins in a no disqualification match. By this time, the NXT Superstar had already debuted on WWE main roster programming.

Will Big E be able to wrestle again?

The simple answer right now is nobody knows. It appears the next milestone in Big E’s recovery will be at the one-year anniversary of his injury, when doctors will be better able to evaluate his recovery and readiness to properly return to action in the ring.

Big E Langston

The former powerlifter originally joined the NXT brand under the name of Big E Langston. The former NXT Champion appeared on the December 17, 2012 edition of Monday Night RAW, attacking the great John Cena and aligning with AJ Lee. Langston would later become the enforcer for AJ Lee’s on-screen boyfriend, Dolph Ziggler.

Big E’s most known arguably for his time in The New Day, a group that was formed in 2014 and ran as a trio until 2020. The New Day comprises Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods and of course the former Langston; it is regarded as one of the most successful stables in WWE over the past 20 years.

Big E Net Worth

Big E has a net worth reportedly around $2 million US. As the powerhouse Superstar continues to be pushed by the company as a singles act, it is likely that this amount will rise exponentially.

Big E Theme

Big E’s theme song is Feel The Power, featuring Wale and DJ Money. The track is listed by WWE as being created by def rebel on the official WWE YouTube channel.


Big E uses the Big Ending as his finishing move. This also works as part of The New Day double team finisher The Midnight Hour.