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Did Chris Jericho book ‘FU’ moment to CM Punk?

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All Elite Wrestling star Chris Jericho was potentially involved in a recent moment in AEW that was seen as an ‘FU’ to CM Punk.

Writing on PWInsider, Dave Scherer speculated that it may well have been Jericho who booked Colt Cabana to return against him on Dynamite this week.

“So on Dynamite this week, Colt Cabana was on TV against Jericho. At least one AEW apologist said that ‘proved’ all along that Punk kept Cabana off TV! Good Lord, to be that clueless” Scherer began. 

Chris Jericho throws shade at CM Punk?

“I won’t get into how wrong that person was today, but the fact of the matter is that Cabana appearing on TV was an FU to Punk.  It can’t be seen any other way by a sane person. Was it Jericho’s idea?  Was it Khan’s? If I had to guess, I would say Jericho suggested it and the head booker went with it” Scherer speculated. 

“It doesn’t matter in the end because it was a ‘firing him on his wedding day’ kind of thing to do. So unless hell freezes over, it looks like Punk is done with AEW” he concluded.

It would certainly make sense, as Jericho reportedly called the now former AEW Champion a ‘cancer’ backstage at the ALL OUT PPV event.

We probably won’t know the answer for some time, but it has not been a good look publicly for the company over the past few months.

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