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Former WWE star details Brock Lesnar’s behind the scene persona

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Heath Slater is one of the selected guys who got to work with Brock Lesnar despite not being an upper-card talent in WWE. While the two never had an official match, Heath had a number of memorable encounters with Brock as a singles star and as part of 3MB.

The former WWE star detailed his experience working with The Beast Incarnate in an interview with Rewind Recap Relive YouTube channel. Discussing his behind the scene relationship with Lesnar, Heath explained that the more you work with Lesnar, the more he respects you:

“Honestly, Brock’s one of those guys, he’s intimidating. He is. He’s one of those guys you would put him in the Avengers. You know what I mean? He can be the incredible Hulk’s cousin. But no, Brock’s one of those guys like legit. At first when you work with him. It’s like, ‘Oh shit, man. This is Brock Lesnar.’ But once you get to know him and you work with him a few times, he becomes a down-to-earth cool dude.

“Every time he saw me, after I’ve worked with him a couple times. He’s like, ‘Oh, Heath man, how you doing man? How’s the family?’ Always just nice and cool. But, it takes time. It doesn’t just happen overnight. It’s like, he works with you once and then he’ll say hi to you. He works with you twice. And he is like, ‘Oh man, how you been.’ He works with you three times; he wants to know how your family is doing. It’s like one of those things there’s like a little pecking order.”

Heath had been a part of the Impact Wrestling roster ever since his WWE release in mid-2020. He finished up with Impact in October this year and the former champion is currently a free agent.

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