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How Linda McMahon responded to questions about Vince

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Vince McMahon announced his retirement from WWE last week after it was revealed that he had paid more than $12 million to multiple women over misconduct claims. While the former chairman himself has kept quiet about the scandal, it has put his wife Linda McMahon in an awkward position.

The former administrator of the Small Business Administration was in attendance for an America First Policy Institute event. A reporter directly asked her about the allegations against her husband and at first, Linda declined to comment on the situation:

‘I’m not going to talk about Vince and WWE, I’m here to talk about AFPI.’

When pressed again, the former WWE president commented on Vince’s retirement from the promotion. She claimed that it’s a good thing, but avoided any mention of the scandal that led to it:

‘Well, you know what? He’ll just be deciding on how he’s going to be spending his free time, I think that’s a good thing.’

A third attempt was made by the reporter who asked about the hush money payments. Linda McMahon, however, brushed it off completely. She walked off after saying that she was there to talk about AFPI only.

You can check out Linda McMahon’s response in the embedded video:

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Martin MacDonald