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Jon Moxley reveals emotional personal journey following rehab

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In a candid and revealing interview, Jon Moxley, the renowned AEW wrestler, opened up about his challenging journey through rehab and the personal battles he has faced over the past few years.

Moxley’s story is not just about wrestling; it’s a tale of personal struggle, resilience, and the quest for normalcy in a life that has been anything but ordinary.

AEW News: The Struggle Beyond the Ring

Moxley’s journey into rehab wasn’t just about overcoming addiction; it was about relearning how to live. For over two decades, alcohol had been a significant part of his life, affecting his brain chemistry.

The real challenge, as Moxley put it during an interview with, was not just in quitting drinking but in rewiring his brain and redefining what normalcy meant to him.

This process was particularly tough, considering that his sense of ‘normal’ had been skewed since his early teens.

AEW News: A Turning Point at the AEW Continental Classic

A pivotal moment in Moxley’s recovery came during the AEW Continental Classic. Initially struggling with the tournament, Moxley experienced what he describes as an epiphany.

This moment of clarity was a wake-up call, pushing him to gather his strength and change his perspective. It marked a significant shift in his performance and attitude, showcasing his resilience and ability to adapt and overcome personal challenges.

Constantly Pushing Forward

Moxley’s story is also about breaking free from the boxes others put him in and the ones he created for himself.

His life has been a continuous battle against being categorised or limited by others’ perceptions. This struggle has been a driving force, motivating him to constantly push his boundaries and redefine his identity, both in and out of the ring.


  • What led Jon Moxley to rehab? Moxley went to rehab to address his long-standing issues with alcohol, which had been a part of his life for over 20 years.
  • How did rehab impact Moxley’s wrestling career? Rehab was a turning point for Moxley, particularly evident during the AEW Continental Classic, where he experienced a significant shift in his performance and mindset.
  • What does Moxley say about his journey post-rehab? Moxley describes his post-rehab journey as a challenging process of redefining normalcy and rewiring his brain, while also battling to break free from the limitations set by others and himself.
  • What was a significant moment for Moxley during his recovery? A key moment in his recovery was an epiphany during the AEW Continental Classic, which helped him change his perspective and approach to both life and wrestling.
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