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Details on Kurt Angle’s new WWE contract

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The rise of AEW has not only led to competition between Tony Khan’s and Vince McMahon’s promotion over active talents but legends as well. WWE has offered many Hall of Famers a legends deal recently to keep them away from AEW and this includes people such as Kurt Angle and Bret Hart among others.

The Olympic Gold Medallist commented on his new contract while appearing on Bubba the Love Sponge’s podcast (H/t WrestlingInc). Angle revealed that he got a bunch of money upfront from the promotion:

‘I signed a nostalgia contract, which is basically just a merchandise contract. So they pay me per appearance, and they gave me a really nice deal with the merchandise contract. They gave me a bunch of money upfront, which is really cool. But I’m not obligated to just the WWE, so I can go do my own appearances and stuff.’

Kurt Angle claimed that WWE has been really good to him thus far. He is working on multiple projects for them and also helping behind the scenes:

‘They’ve been really good to me thus far. I’ve been doing a lot of production stuff with them ’” possible TV shows. I’m doing behind the scenes stuff, which is kind of cool.’

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Martin MacDonald