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Kurt Angle surprised at Stephanie McMahon’s WWE departure

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Vince McMahon’s unexpected WWE return has shaken up the wrestling world. Things have been moving fast ever since the chairman announced his return to the company a couple weeks ago. One of the biggest changes has been the resignation of Stephanie McMahon from her position as the CO-CEO of the organization, which has raised many questions.

On the latest episode of his podcast (H/t 411Mania), WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle talked about the Royal Rumble 2003 event where Angle faced Chris Benoit for the WWE championship. Speaking about the departure of Stephanie, Angle said that he didn’t see it coming.

Kurt Angle on Stephanie McMahon

‘I’m surprised. I didn’t expect Stephanie to resign. I’m not sure if she did it because of her father, but she is a classy woman and she was a great employer. She reminded me a lot of Vince in many ways and I think that’s why he trusted the company with her, but I’m just really surprised that she resigned.’

While Stephanie McMahon has resigned from her position in the promotion, her husband Triple H has not. As of now, the game is still the in charge of creative in WWE. The officials have stressed that things are not changing and Vince McMahon has only returned to work on a potential sale of WWE.

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Martin MacDonald