Lana had to practice kissing Dolph Ziggler in front of Vince McMahon

Lana kissing Dolph Ziggler

Image Copyright: WWE

CJ Perry, formerly known as Lana in WWE was involved in many awkward angles during her time with the company. One such storyline was with Dolph Ziggler. Lana kissed Ziggler on live TV and ended her affiliation with Miro, who was known as Rusev at the time.

The female star was interviewed on The Sessions with Renee Paquette (H/t Wrestlingnews) recently. She revealed some previously unknown details about this storyline. Lana mentioned that they actually had practice the kiss in front of Vince McMahon:

“The crazy thing with Dolph that was super awkward was that we actually had the practice the kiss in front of Vince and Miro.”

Lana detailed the incident as it happened. According to her, Mr McMahon got so immersed into the whole thing that he almost kissed John Laurinaitis:

“We got called in. It’s Ace, Vince, Dolph, and Miro. We had to practice the kiss and Miro is turning red in the corner. Vince is like, ‘What? We’re all adults. What’s the problem? We’re all adults. It’s professionalism. Don’t be weird.’ So we do it, and Vince goes, ‘No, no, no, no, way slower.’ He doesn’t fully kiss Johnny Ace, but he gets like this close. I mean, it was hilarious. Dolph is dying. That’s why we went so slow in that segment.”

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