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Mojo Rawley reveals how much his first WWE contract was for

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Former WWE Superstar Mojo Rawley recently appeared on the Shoot Conversations podcast. The former NFL player discussed several topics during the interview including how much he earned when he first joined the company in NXT.

‘When I talked to them [WWE], they were like, ’˜We know you’re coming from football. We’re actually giving you a great salary, $39,000. Most guys are at $30,000.

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“So, don’t tell anyone what you’re making because if they find out, they’re going to come for you.’ I think they had the range at the time. it was $600 a week, $750 a week, and top guys were making $1,000.

“For a newcomer, they were like, ’˜We don’t give any newcomers $750, that’s more like the midcard guys.’ We’re going to start you at that tier two. I know Enzo was making $600 when I was there.’

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