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Nic Nemeth lands LEAD ROLE in comic book adaptation

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In an exciting turn of events for fans of professional wrestling and comic books alike, Nic Nemeth, formerly known for his illustrious career with WWE, has secured the lead role in the upcoming film adaptation of Kyle Starks’ comic book, “The Legend of Ricky Thunder.”

The film, aptly titled “Absolute Thunder,” promises to bring the pages of the beloved comic to life, with Nemeth at the helm as the legendary wrestler, Thunder.

Wrestling News: From the Ring to the Screen

After his departure from WWE in September, Nemeth’s career trajectory took a dramatic and thrilling turn towards the cinematic world.

“Absolute Thunder” marks a significant milestone in his post-WWE journey, showcasing his versatility and passion for acting.

The film’s plot centres around Thunder, a wrestler who battles not only within the confines of the ring but also against a nefarious alien plot aiming to conquer the world through the spectacle of professional wrestling.

Wrestling News: A Role Close to the Heart

Nemeth’s connection to the character of Ricky Thunder is palpable. In his own words, the comic book struck a chord with him, describing it as “beautiful, fun, awesome, and wholesome” in a Press Release for the new film.

This deep resonance with the character’s journey and the unique blend of wrestling with a sci-fi twist were pivotal in his decision to embrace the role.

“I AM Ricky—we all are,” Nemeth shared, highlighting the universal appeal of Ricky Thunder’s story.

A New Chapter

This role signifies more than just a career shift for Nemeth; it represents a new chapter in his journey within the entertainment industry.

His enthusiasm for the project and the character of Ricky Thunder is a testament to his dedication to bringing complex, engaging stories to the screen.

As Nic Nemeth steps into the shoes of Ricky Thunder, fans eagerly anticipate the fusion of wrestling action and comic book adventure that “Absolute Thunder” promises to deliver.


  • Who is Nic Nemeth?
    • Nic Nemeth is a professional wrestler and actor, best known for his time with WWE.
  • What is ‘Absolute Thunder’?
    • “Absolute Thunder” is a film adaptation of Kyle Starks’ comic book “The Legend of Ricky Thunder,” in which Nic Nemeth plays the lead role.
  • What is the plot of ‘Absolute Thunder’?
    • The film revolves around Thunder, a legendary wrestler who confronts the scripted nature of his success and an alien plot to dominate the world through wrestling.
  • Why did Nic Nemeth accept the role?
    • Nemeth was drawn to the character of Ricky Thunder, finding the comic book to be a beautiful, fun, and wholesome story that resonated with him deeply.
  • What does this role mean for Nic Nemeth’s career?
    • Landing the lead role in “Absolute Thunder” marks a significant shift in Nemeth’s career from professional wrestling to acting, showcasing his versatility and passion for storytelling.
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