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Reason behind WWE’s booking of Logan Paul on Raw

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The opening of this week’s Raw felt weird to a lot of fans. The episode started out with a brawl between Logan Paul and The Miz. This was unusual as fans are used to seeing the show start out with a talking segment or a match in rare cases.

Dave Meltzer explained the possible reason behind this on Wrestling Observer Radio (H/t RingSideNews). He noted that the officials believed Paul would be booed out of the building when he first entered the arena:

“If you noticed, they opened with them brawling as opposed to, let’s say Logan Paul in the ring going, ’˜Miz, get out here, let’s fight right now,’ which, he actually tried to do that later in the show. The reason they did was because they figured that the people were going to boo Logan Paul when they first saw him, a lot.”

Meltzer said that the idea was to cut out the negative fan reaction for Logan Paul from the show:

“So, they would have him come to the ring and do all this with no cameras on so you don’t see it. So, his coming to the ring to the music and everything like that had happened off-screen before Raw started. And, in fact, he was booed very heavily.”

It’s previously been reported that Logan Paul had the clause of turning babyface in his last contract. This is the reason why he broke up with The Miz and is feuding with him now. Logan Paul is currently set to face The Miz at SummerSlam from the Nissan Stadium in Nashville, Tennessee this Saturday.

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