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Vince McMahon Net Worth: Salary and earnings of former WWE CEO

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When Vince McMahon took over his father’s wrestling company in 1982, the World Wrestling Federation (WWF), it was a small regional outfit. McMahon turned it into a global phenomenon, creating a unique blend of sports and entertainment that has captivated fans for decades.

McMahon was a hands-on CEO, involved in all aspects of the company. He has been credited with creating the WrestleMania spectacle, as well as innovating such elements as storylines, pay-per-views and merchandising.

While the WWF/WWE has had its share of controversies over the years, McMahon had remained a fixture in the industry. He was at one point one of the richest and most powerful men in sports entertainment, having now retired from his position in 2022.

Vince McMahon Net Worth 2022

Vince McMahon WWE Cars
Image Copyright: WWE

In 2022, Vince McMahon is set to have a net worth of around $2.5 billion US Dollars. This is estimated due to WWE’s recent growth in popularity and the large amount of money McMahon has made from the global brand.

WWE has been able to grow its viewership by streaming its content on the internet and through social media, helping the company to break into more territories.

McMahon has also taken advantage of the international market, expanding WWE’s reach to countries such as China and India. This has helped WWE become a global brand and increase its profits significantly.

The former WWE CEO is likely to increase his liquid earnings now that he has retired from the company.

Vince McMahon Salary

Vince McMahon WWE In Ring
Image Copyright: WWE

recent WWE Proxy Statement filing, via Wrestling Inc. back in April 2022 indicated just how much McMahon was earning from the company prior to his retirement.

Reportedly, as a base salary, the former Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon received a sizeable increase in his salary from $1.4 million in 2021 to $2 million in 2022. 

This of course has now changed as McMahon has retired from his position with the company, meaning that he does not technically now have a salary of sorts.


According to 21 Motoring, McMahon owns the following cars:

Vince McMahon Car CollectionPrice (USA)
Lincoln Town Car LimousineN/A
Mercedes-Benz SL600$107,400
Rolls-Royce Phantom$450,000
Audi R8 V10 Plus$196,700
1958 Corvette StingrayN/A
Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Roadster$574,000
Bentley Continental GT Supersports$225,000
Credit 21 Motoring


Vince McMahon owns a massive mansion in Greenwich, Connecticut, where the WWE headquarters are currently based.

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