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Worst TNA Wrestling Storylines Ever: There is some absolute dross in here

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Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wrestling has had its fair share of memorable moments and storylines. However, not all of these have been well-received.

In this article, we delve into some of the most questionable and poorly executed storylines in TNA’s history, exploring why they didn’t resonate with fans and what made them stand out for the wrong reasons.

Worst TNA Wrestling Storylines: Aces & Eights

Inspired by the success of factions like nWo, Aces & Eights was a biker gang-themed group that dominated TNA for over a year.

The reveal of Bully Ray as the leader was anticlimactic, and the faction’s oversized roster and prolonged storyline led to viewer fatigue.

Abyss & Hogan’s Ring

Hulk Hogan’s involvement in TNA brought many changes, including a storyline where he gave Abyss a “magical” ring.

This plot, which granted Abyss supernatural strength, was seen as an insult to fans’ intelligence and did little to enhance Abyss’s character.

Worst TNA Wrestling Storylines: Samoa Joe’s Kidnapping

Samoa Joe’s early run in TNA was marked by success, but in 2010, a bizarre storyline emerged.

Joe was abducted by ninjas, a plot twist that left fans bewildered. The storyline was abruptly dropped, leaving many questions unanswered and tarnishing the mystique of a once-dominant character.

This was straight out of the pages of WrestleCrap, and it remains one of the absolute dirt worst storylines in the history of wrestling in North America.

Kurt & Karen Angle’s Divorce

Real-life issues often find their way into wrestling storylines, but not always with great results. The real-life divorce of Kurt and Karen Angle, intertwined with Karen’s relationship with Jeff Jarrett, was turned into a storyline.

This personal drama, played out in the ring, was uncomfortable for many, blurring the lines between reality and entertainment in a way that didn’t sit well with fans.

Worst TNA Wrestling Storylines: Judas Mesias and Abyss

TNA’s attempt to replicate the success of WWE’s Undertaker and Kane storyline with Abyss and Judas Mesias fell flat. Having said that, flat feels generous.

The storyline lacked originality and failed to capitalize on Abyss’s potential, ultimately diminishing his character’s impact.

Angelina Love’s Brainwashing

The Beautiful People faction saw a strange twist when Angelina Love turned on Velvet Sky under the influence of Winter’s spell. This supernatural angle, involving potions and brainwashing, strayed too far from the realm of wrestling and was dropped without explanation, leaving fans confused.

Worst TNA Wrestling Storylines: Black Reign

Dustin Rhodes, known for his Goldust character in WWE, joined TNA as Black Reign. This character, intended to be a darker, more twisted version of Goldust, failed to connect with the audience.

The lack of victories and character development led to Black Reign being quickly forgotten.

The Voodoo Kin Mafia

The Voodoo Kin Mafia, formed by Road Dogg and Billy Gunn, was a direct jab at WWE’s DX and Vince McMahon.

This storyline, which included calling out WWE figures by their real names, felt more like a personal vendetta than a compelling wrestling narrative. It lacked the subtlety and nuance needed to make it a hit with fans.

Worst TNA Storylines: The Front Line Vs Main Event Mafia

This storyline pitted veteran wrestlers against up-and-coming talent. However, the execution failed to elevate the younger wrestlers, as the veterans mostly dominated the feud. This imbalance in storytelling did little to freshen up the TNA roster or create new stars.

Claire Lynch

Perhaps the most infamous TNA storyline involved AJ Styles in a supposed affair with Claire Lynch.

The storyline, which included a fake pregnancy and paternity tests, was convoluted and poorly received, straying too far from wrestling’s core appeal.


Q: What was the issue with Samoa Joe’s kidnapping storyline? A: The storyline was abruptly dropped without explanation, leaving fans confused and diminishing Samoa Joe’s character.

Q: Why was the Angle divorce storyline controversial? A: It blurred the lines between real-life issues and wrestling entertainment, making fans uncomfortable.

Q: What was the problem with the Aces & Eights storyline? A: It was too long, had too many members, and the reveal of Bully Ray as the leader was anticlimactic.

Q: Why did the Abyss & Hogan’s ring storyline fail? A: It involved a “magical” ring, which was seen as ridiculous and an insult to fans’ intelligence.

Q: What makes a wrestling storyline successful? A: A successful wrestling storyline typically involves compelling characters, believable conflicts, and a narrative that resonates with the audience while staying true to the spirit of wrestling.

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