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Former WWE star reveals TRUE PERSONALITY of Brock Lesnar

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Brock Lesnar in real life is the complete opposite of his on-screen persona.

The Beast Incarnate has made his career by destroying everything and everyone in his path. Fans get excited whenever Lesnar shows up on TV because it’s almost a guarantee of some hard-hitting action.

WWE established this image of Brock very early in his career and one of the persons who helped in this was Zach Gowen. The former world champion brutalizing Gowen and throwing him off the stairs is one of the most memorable moments of his early career.

Brock Lesnar behind the scenes

Gowen recently had an interview with Chris Van Vliet where he reflected on working with the WWE and UFC veteran. Speaking about their interactions behind the scenes, Zach Gowen said that Brock Lesnar is a very genuine and respectful man:

“He was a very mean man to me on camera, and he was a very sweet man to me off camera. I love Brock Lesnar so much. He’s the type of dude that I get along with the best. Just salt of the earth. Shows up, respectful, does a great job. [He’s very] genuine.

There’s no ulterior motives and there’s no salesman-y type of ‘Hey, I’ll shake your hand here and then stab you in the back later.’ It’s what you see is what you get exactly like you said. Those are the type of guys that I get along with most not only in wrestling but in real life.”

Zach also discussed the stairs spot with Lesnar. He revealed that the original idea was for Brock to throw him off the SmackDown Fist to the stage.

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