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Bianca Belair reflects on her journey ‘starting from the bottom’

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Bianca Belair is currently the WWE RAW Women’s Champion and she won the title after defeating Becky Lynch at WrestleMania 38. She is currently one of the top stars of the women’s division. However, her journey has been full of ups and downs. ‘The EST of WWE’ had to work her way up to reach the top.

Bianca Belair looks back at her journey

Speaking with WBIR during her return to Knoxville, ‘The EST of WWE’ revealed her journey from the bottom of the company to the top. Belair had joined the promotion in 2016 and underwent a rigorous training process to work her way up the ladder and make it to the top.

“It was really wrapping my mind around just starting from the bottom and working my way up,” Belair said. “The training is very rigorous and the traveling is a grind, but I wouldn’t wish to be doing anything other than what I’m doing now.”

The 33-year-old also expressed how she has set a goal of achieving more success in the company.

“It means everything to me. I feel like I’m kind of at the forefront of this new generation of women’s wrestling that’s coming through. I hold that responsibility greatly. It’s just a feeling of something I can’t describe, but I’m just taking it, I’m running with it and I’m going to carry this momentum and continue to build my legacy.” said Belair.

On this week’s RAW. she successfully defended the title against Sonya Deville, despite the authority figure putting several obstacles in her way.

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Bishal Roy