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Corey Graves receives advice on his potential in-ring return

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There have been talks recently regarding a possible return of WWE commentator Corey Graves to in-ring competition. The former NXT star has reportedly been medically cleared to return to in-ring competition. His career as a pro-wrestler was shortened when he suffered injuries and took over the commentary job in the company.

Booker T reacts to Corey Graves’ possible in-ring return

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T recently spoke about Graves on the latest Hall Of Fame podcast. The former WCW Champion noted how the other legends have returned, such as Edge or Bryan Danielson who had prematurely ended their careers due to injuries. The legend has raised doubts over how his return would go down if that takes place.

‘We knew all of those guys, okay? All those guys had a run and then something happened, they retired and came back. Ain’t nobody knows who the hell Corey Graves was before he retired, okay?’ Booker claimed. ‘I know he’s going to be pissed off at that a little bit. The thing is, he’s done so good at being a commentator, what the hell is he thinking wanting to get back in that ring? And perhaps something happens, something pops, I don’t know.’

Booker T then spoke about the fact that Graves hasn’t fought anybody since he’s been around. He also noted that he hasn’t even talked tough to other wrestlers, which is why he’s questioning the move:

‘We haven’t seen Corey Graves whoop nobody’s ass since he’s been there. We haven’t even seen him even walk up to anybody or even get tough, or even talk tough,’ he said. ‘And now all of a sudden Corey Graves is going to jump up from the table and just start whooping up on guys? I mean, come on, you’re kidding me, right? My advice to Corey Graves is to sit at that table,’ he stated. ‘You don’t want to run back in that ring and something happen. Time off is your worst enemy.’

With Royal Rumble taking place later this month, we might end up witnessing the return of Graves to the squared circle.

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Bishal Roy