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Major change in WWE under Triple H revealed

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The Vince McMahon era of WWE was infamous for micro-management. Talents had to memorize scripts word by word and every move of a match had to be laid out in advance. Things have changed since Triple H and Stephanie McMahon took over the control and reports suggest that talents are now allowed more freedom.

PWinsider had a report on Triple H’s way of working on their site. They noted that talents have been allowed to improvise stuff on the mic:

“One major change that has happened over the last several weeks in WWE is the loosening up of freedom for the talents when they speak on the mic, allowing them to improvise more.”

The site added that last week’s highly praised match between Sheamus and Drew McIntyre was called in the ring. Instead of every spot being planned in advance:

“We are told that a big part of what made the Sheamus vs. Drew McIntyre match so great on Smackdown last week is at least a sizeable portion of the match was called in the ring vs. every single spot laid out to them ahead of times.”

Drew McIntyre defeated Sheamus in a singles match on SmackDown this past Friday. He will now challenge Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship at Clash at the Castle.

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Martin MacDonald