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Rey Mysterio: How many masks does the WWE star own?

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Rey Mysterio is a veteran star in WWE. His masks are one of the main attractions in his overall attire. But, fans have often wondered about how many masks he might own. Well, it is certainly a lot. Rey Mysterio was also spotted unmasked backstage in WWE.

Rey Mysterio reveals how many masks he has

In an appearance on Rasslin with Brandon F. Walker, Mysterio revealed that he owns well over 1,000 masks, and that doesn’t include the ones he once owned and has given away over the years.

‘Less than 5,000,’ Mysterio said. ‘I think it’s a little bit over 1,000, somewhere around 1,100.’

It has been quite a tough task for ‘The Master of 619’ to store the masks. He has a lot of masks, thereby, it requires a ton of space needed to store them. Rey noted where he kept all his gear. He said that has caused problems over the years. He also noted that most of his gear he uses only a few times.

Everything I use, I use once,’ Mysterio revealed. ‘Especially for PPV’s. And I kind of put it in storage. Every now and then, when I feel like it’s been quite some time, I’ll go ahead and bring it back out and use it for TV. What really sucks is back when I was with WWE, my early years when I was wearing the baggy outfits, a lot of that material, unfortunately, due to the climate, I would have them hanging just like clothes. And a lot of those outfits got stuck with each other and just ended up going to waste. But now I’m very picky with my outfits, and I like to position them in a certain way. I have OCD.’

Many of Rey Mysterio’s masks and costumes consume time in planning and designing for creating them. Mysterio revealed just how long he likes to give himself to prepare these ideas.

‘I like to go anywhere from 4 to 6 months,’ Mysterio said. ‘Or I might have an idea already popping into my head, let’s say right after WrestleMania. And I’ll write that down so that way I don’t forget.’

Rey Mysterio was recently revealed as the cover star for the upcoming WWE 2K22 video game. He also competed in the Royal Rumble match recently.

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Bishal Roy