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Vince McMahon alters WWE SmackDown stable plans

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WWE Chairman Vince McMahon often makes some changes as per his requirements. It has been recently noted that the company had filed for the trademark for ‘Maximum Male Models,’ the name of the stable led by Max Dupri (formerly NXT’s LA Knight).

WWE seemingly has some major plans for Dupri, who made his official main roster debut last week on SmackDown. He had been making appearances in dark segments in recent weeks so that Vince McMahon could take a look at Dupri in his new role.

Vince McMahon changes plans for Max Dupri’s stable reported they were told that as of last Friday, the plan was not for Mansoor and Mace to be aligned with Dupri in the stable. At one point, the idea was to reintroduce them as heels on SmackDown. However, WWE has a reputation for altering plans from time to time. It was Vince McMahon who changed his mind on them.

No word yet on who might be added to Dupri’s stable. Plans can change at any tie-in WWE so it’s possible that McMahon will decide to put Mansoor and Mace back in the group but as of now. The outlet further added that they were told that other wrestlers are being considered. At one point a few weeks ago, there was talk of adding a female to the group but given the name of the stable, that may be off the table now. We will have to see what is next for Dupri on tonight’s SmackDown.

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Bishal Roy