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WWE Batista: Return, Age, Brother, Back Tattoo, Contract and more

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Dave Bautista, widely known as Batista in the WWE universe, has been a prominent figure in professional wrestling and acting.

His journey through WWE, personal life, and achievements outside the ring make for an intriguing story.

This article delves into various aspects of Batista’s life and career, providing insights into his return to WWE, age, family background, distinctive back tattoo, and contract details.

WWE Batista Return

Batista’s career in WWE has been marked by several hiatuses and returns, each more dramatic than the last. He initially left WWE in 2010, only to make a triumphant return in December 2013.

His comeback was highlighted by a victory in the 2014 Royal Rumble match, setting the stage for a headline appearance at WrestleMania XXX.

However, his time in the ring was short-lived, as he departed again in June 2014. Batista’s final return to WWE occurred in October 2018, leading to a high-profile match against Triple H at WrestleMania 35 in April 2019, after which he announced his retirement from wrestling.

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WWE Batista Age

Born on January 18, 1969, in Washington, D.C., Dave Bautista is currently 54 years old as of January 2024.

Despite his age, he has maintained a remarkable physical condition, a testament to his dedication to fitness and bodybuilding, which played a significant role in his early life and wrestling career.

WWE Batista Brother

Batista’s family background is as diverse as his career. Born to Donna Raye Mullins and hairdresser David Michael Bautista, he has a mixed heritage with Greek and Filipino roots.

While not much is publicly known about his siblings, Batista’s family life has been challenging. He has spoken about growing up in poverty and the difficulties he faced in his early years, which shaped his resilient character.

WWE Batista Back Tattoo

Batista’s back tattoo, in particular, stands out as a significant piece. This tattoo is a large dragon, surrounded by red-colored flowers. In many cultures, dragons symbolize strength and wisdom, and Batista’s choice of this design speaks to these qualities.

The dragon tattoo is not just an aesthetic choice but also a reflection of Batista’s personality and his journey in life. Known for his powerful presence both in and out of the ring, the dragon could be seen as a representation of his strength and determination. The red flowers around the dragon add a touch of elegance and perhaps signify beauty amidst strength.

Batista’s tattoos are more than just skin deep; they are a canvas telling the story of his life, beliefs, and experiences. Each tattoo has a unique meaning and significance, contributing to the tapestry that makes up his public persona and private identity.

The back tattoo, with its size and intricate design, is a bold statement and a key part of Batista’s iconic look.

WWE Batista Contract

Batista’s contract with WWE has evolved over the years. Initially signing with the then-World Wrestling Federation (WWF, renamed WWE in 2002) in 2000, he rose to fame under the ring name Batista.

His contracts have seen him through various phases of his career, from his early days in Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW), WWE’s developmental territory, to his multiple world championship wins and eventual retirement in 2019.

The specifics of his contracts, including duration and financial terms, have been kept private, typical of the wrestling industry.


  • When did Batista return to WWE?
    • Batista returned to WWE in December 2013 and again in October 2018.
  • How old is WWE Batista?
    • Born on January 18, 1969, Batista is 54 years old as of now.
  • Does Batista have any siblings?
    • Details about Batista’s siblings are not widely known, but he comes from a family with Greek and Filipino heritage.
  • What is the significance of Batista’s back tattoo?
    • Batista’s back tattoo symbolizes his life struggles, achievements, and personal beliefs.
  • When did Batista retire from WWE?
    • Batista announced his retirement from wrestling after his match at WrestleMania 35 in April 2019.
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