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WWE Hall of Famer backs Aliyah amid criticism

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WWE star Aliyah has received major flak from the fans. However, WWE Hall of Famer Booker T has backed the youngster. Aliyah and her tag team partner, Raquel Rodriguez, became the WWE Women’s Tag Team champions this past week on SmackDown. The duo defeated Iyo Sky and Dakota Kai in the finals of the Women’s Tag Team Championship tournament. Now, Booker T has heaped praise on the SmackDown star.

Booker T says Aliyah is a “diamond in the rough”

During the ‘Hall of Fame’ podcast, Booker T responded to a fan suggestion that Raquel Rodriguez should win the tag team title on her own. The Hall of Famer came to the defense of Aliyah, stating that the former NXT star has improved and could turn into a big star in the future:

“I’m going to tell you, man, Aliyah is a diamond in the rough. She’s young, she’s got a lot of years in the business, she’s talent. She’s a looker too. When she comes out of the curtain, boom, it’s all eyes on Aliyah. And what she’s shown me in the ring, I’ve been impressed with her,” said Booker T.

The Hall of Famer said he is impressed by Aliyah:

“I’ve been impressed with her to not go out there and scr*w it up. When she goes out and performs in the ring, you can be rest assured… When I watch somebody work, I look for the little bitty things, I look for if they’re going to go out there and put themselves in a position to scr*w up. And that’s something, when I watch Aliyah, I don’t see that.”

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