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AJ Lee WWE Return: Could CM Punk’s better half come back?

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In the dynamic world of WWE, the return of one star often ignites speculation about others. This is particularly true following CM Punk’s recent comeback and his mention of his wife, AJ Lee, during a promo on WWE Monday Night Raw.

The wrestling community is abuzz with the question: Could AJ Lee, a former WWE Divas Champion, be poised for a return to the ring?

AJ Lee: Legacy in WWE

AJ Lee’s journey in WWE began in 2009, and she quickly became a prominent figure in the women’s division. Her ascent from FCW and NXT to the main roster in 2011 marked the beginning of a significant era in women’s wrestling.

Lee captured the Divas Championship three times, holding the title for a total of 406 days, a testament to her skill and popularity overall.

However, in 2015, AJ left WWE, citing health reasons. Since then, she has ventured into various projects, including comic book writing and authoring her biography in 2017.

Her brief participation in the relaunch of WOW Wrestling further showcased her diverse talents outside the WWE universe.

CM Punk’s Mention and Speculation

The mention of AJ Lee by CM Punk during his recent WWE appearance has reignited discussions about her potential return.

This mention, while seemingly a simple nod to his wife, has sparked curiosity among fans and experts alike. Despite this, PWInsider reports that AJ Lee is currently not in any WWE plans, and her mention was just that – a mention.

AJ Lee: The Current Scenario

As of now, there is no concrete indication of AJ returning to the wrestling scene. Her successful transition to a writing career and her past health concerns are factors that might influence her decision.

However, the wrestling world is known for its surprises, and a cameo appearance or a more significant role cannot be completely ruled out, especially considering the influence she has had on many current talents.


  • What is AJ Lee known for in WWE?
    • AJ is known for being a three-time Divas Champion and for her significant impact on the women’s division in WWE.
  • Why did AJ Lee leave WWE?
    • AJ left WWE in 2015 due to health reasons.
  • Has AJ been involved in wrestling since leaving WWE?
    • She briefly participated in the relaunch of WOW Wrestling but has primarily focused on her writing career.
  • What sparked the recent speculation about AJ Lee’s return?
    • Speculation was sparked by CM Punk mentioning her during his WWE Monday Night Raw promo.
  • Is there any official confirmation about AJ Lee returning to WWE?
    • As of now, there is no official confirmation or indication of AJ returning to WWE.
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