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AJ Styles – “Omos Will Be a Huge Superstar In WWE”

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The Phenomenal AJ Styles recently appeared on the After The Bell podcast w/Corey Graves. The former WWE Champion discussed his tag team partner Omos and the huge potential that the leviathan has as a Superstar in the company.

“It’s a job most of us should have after 20 years of being in the business” Styles began, talking about how he was paired with the giant to help him adapt and learn pro wrestling. “Just help the younger talent, just like the older talent has helped me.”

“We can go back to Jerry Lynn, Christopher Daniels, John Cena. I know it’s crazy for me to say John Cena, but I learned so much from that guy” AJ Styles added. “It’s only right that I pass down the knowledge I’ve had to Omos, who can and will be a huge superstar in the WWE.”

AJ Styles on Omos

“I have experience all over the world” Styles added. “The experience I’ve had in the Independents, Japan, and the States, it’s a little different than the WWE experience. I can’t imagine guys like Kurt Angle who started in the WWE and learned so quickly to be the best I’ve ever seen.”

“That’s the good thing about Omos. He’s starting in the WWE. It’s not just a bodyslam. You have to know where the cameras are. Little things like that” Styles added, discussing the techniques and knowhow he is passing on to Omos.

“I had to learn on the fly because I hadn’t experienced it before. There’s always a lot to learn and you never stop learning. Even though I’m trying to pass knowledge down, I’m still getting it every time I step in the ring” AJ Styles concluded.

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