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AJ Styles: Report on when he should RETURN to WWE

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The wrestling world has been abuzz with speculation and anticipation regarding the return of one of its most electrifying superstars, AJ Styles.

The Phenomenal One, as he’s fondly called, has been absent from WWE television, leaving fans eager for his comeback. Let’s delve into the details of when we can expect AJ Styles to grace the WWE ring once again.

Styles was notably absent from television after a backstage altercation with Jimmy Uso during a recent episode of SmackDown.

This unexpected turn of events led to LA Knight replacing Styles as John Cena’s partner at the Fastlane event. However, the good news for fans is that Styles’ hiatus from WWE won’t be a prolonged one.

AJ Styles: The Anticipated Return

According to a recent report from Ringside News, a reliable member of the WWE creative team has confirmed that “AJ Styles will be back soon.”

This statement quashes any rumours of a prolonged absence for the Phenomenal One.

PWInsider has provided a more specific timeline, indicating that Styles is set to make his return on November 10th, during the SmackDown episode in Columbus, Ohio.

From that point onwards, fans can apparently expect to see Styles on a regular basis.

The Reason for His Absence

It’s worth noting that AJ Styles hasn’t been nursing any injuries. In fact, his time away from the ring was well-deserved, allowing him some much-needed rest.

There’s hope among the WWE community that upon his return, Styles will reunite with the OC and actually get a solid storyline and feud going forward.

However, it’s worth noting that Luke Gallows, a key member of the OC, is currently sidelined due to an injury, so it could just be Styles and Karl Anderson for the time being.


  • When is AJ Styles expected to return to WWE?
    • AJ Styles is expected to return on November 10th during the SmackDown episode in Columbus, Ohio.
  • Why was AJ absent from WWE?
    • The Phenomenal One took a break from WWE for some well-deserved rest. He was not sidelined due to any injury.
  • Will Styles be back on a regular basis after his return?
    • Yes, from his return date, AJ Styles is expected to appear regularly.
  • Is there any injury concern regarding AJ?
    • No, AJ Styles is not injured. His absence was a break, not due to any physical ailment.
  • What can fans expect upon his return?
    • It’s anticipated that Styles will play a pivotal role in the build-up to WWE’s Survivor Series.
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