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Alexa Bliss is unhappy after losing her Twitter verification badge

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Alexa Bliss is not very happy with the latest change to Twitter.

Tech Billionaire Elon Musk acquired the social networking site for a whopping $44 billion last October. He has made numerous changes to the site since then. Probably the most talked about is the introduction of Twitter Blue.

Removing the previous account verification system, Musk has given access to the verification checkmark to anyone willing to pay a monthly subscription fee. This change came into effect earlier this week, leading to many top celebrities and known figures losing their verification badges.

Alexa Bliss calls out Twitter

Alexa Bliss who has previously warned fans against fake accounts impersonating her was not thrilled with this. The former Raw Women’s Champion called out the company after losing her verification badge using the hashtag #DumbestThingEver:

“@Twitter – YOU are now responsible for Paying back the people who get scammed by a ‘verified’ Alexa bliss accounts ’¦ this one’s on you now. ✌️#DumbestThingEver”

When a user claimed that it makes everyone equal, Bliss explained that it has nothing to do with equality. She mentioned that it can lead to identity scam:

“Has nothing to be with being equal. It has to do with scamming. & real identities instead of fake accounts who try to scam people. Obviously you haven’t experienced someone stealing your identity to scam from innocent people. Nice try 8 bucks.”

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Martin MacDonald