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Former WWE Executive DENIES covering up Ashley Massaro allegations

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In a recent development that has caught the attention of the wrestling world, John Laurinaitis, a former WWE executive, has vehemently denied allegations that he played any role in covering up the sexual assault allegations made by the late Ashley Massaro.

This statement comes amidst a backdrop of renewed scrutiny over WWE’s handling of sensitive issues, following a lawsuit against Vince McMahon involving accusations of sexual assault and sex trafficking.

WWE News: The Allegations Resurface

Ashley Massaro, who tragically passed away in 2019, had previously claimed that she was sexually assaulted at a military base in 2007, an incident she alleged was covered up by WWE.

Following her death, these allegations resurfaced, casting a shadow over the wrestling organisation’s ethical practices. WWE had, at the time, issued a statement denying any wrongdoing in how they handled Massaro’s allegations.

WWE News: Laurinaitis’s Response

John Laurinaitis, through his lawyer Edward Brennan, issued a statement to, categorically denying the accusations of a cover-up.

The statement emphasised that Laurinaitis, upon becoming aware of the allegations, ensured that all proper WWE protocols were followed, including maintaining the privacy of the alleged victim.

The statement strongly objected to the use of the term “cover-up,” asserting that no such action was taken to hide or assist in the alleged rape.

WWE News: WWE’s Protocols and Laurinaitis’s Departure

The statement further highlighted that WWE had protocols in place at the time of the allegations and that these were fully adhered to.

It is important to note that John Laurinaitis was fired from WWE in 2022 following initial sexual misconduct claims against him and Vince McMahon, indicating the organization’s stance on such serious allegations.

The Wrestling Community’s Reaction

The wrestling community and fans have been divided over Laurinaitis’s statement, with many questioning the integrity of WWE’s internal processes and their handling of sexual assault allegations.

This incident has sparked a broader conversation about the culture within professional wrestling organisations and their responsibility towards their performers.


  • What were Ashley Massaro’s allegations?
    • Ashley Massaro alleged she was sexually assaulted at a military base in 2007, and claimed WWE helped cover up the incident.
  • Who is John Laurinaitis?
    • John Laurinaitis is a former WWE executive who was involved in talent relations and management within the organization.
  • Did WWE admit to covering up the allegations?
    • WWE has denied any wrongdoing in how they handled Ashley Massaro’s allegations, stating that all protocols were followed.
  • What has been the reaction to Laurinaitis’s statement?
    • The reaction has been mixed, with some supporting Laurinaitis’s denial, while others question WWE’s handling of such serious allegations.
  • What does this mean for WWE?
    • This situation has brought renewed attention to how WWE handles allegations of sexual assault and misconduct, potentially impacting its public image and internal policies.
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