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Bayley invites BIG WWE NXT Superstar to JOIN Damage CTRL

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In a significant development in the WWE universe, Bayley, a seasoned wrestler and the backbone of the faction Damage CTRL, has extended an invitation to Cora Jade to join the group upon her return from injury.

This move comes as a surprise to many fans and adds a new dimension to the evolving dynamics of WWE’s female wrestling scene.

WWE News: Cora Jade’s Injury and Recovery

Cora Jade, a promising talent in WWE NXT, recently suffered a torn ACL during a live event, leading to surgery and a recovery period.

This injury raised concerns about her future in the ring and the length of her hiatus from wrestling. However, Bayley’s invitation suggests a potential new path for Jade upon her recovery.

WWE News: Bayley’s Vision for Damage CTRL

Bayley, known for her leadership in Damage CTRL, has always been open to expanding the group. Her invitation to Cora Jade, shared via an Instagram story, is a clear indication of her strategy to strengthen the faction.

Bayley’s message to Jade on her Instagram Story was straightforward and compelling: “Come take over WWE with us when you’re back.”

The Future of Cora Jade and Damage CTRL

As Cora Jade recovers, the landscape of WWE continues to evolve. By the time of her return, the scenario within WWE and Damage CTRL might have changed significantly.

However, fans are excited about the prospect of Jade joining Damage CTRL, seeing it as an excellent opportunity for her to transition to the main roster


  • Who is Bayley?
    • Bayley is a veteran WWE wrestler and the leader of the faction Damage CTRL.
  • What injury did Cora Jade sustain?
    • Cora Jade suffered a torn ACL during a WWE NXT live event.
  • What is Damage CTRL?
    • Damage CTRL is a faction in WWE, led by Bayley, known for its strong presence in the women’s division.
  • How long will Cora Jade be out of action?
    • Cora Jade is expected to be out of action for almost a year due to her ACL injury.
  • What does Bayley’s invitation to Cora Jade signify?
    • Bayley’s invitation to Cora Jade indicates a desire to strengthen Damage CTRL and hints at a significant role for Jade upon her return.
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