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Becky Lynch reveals battle with depression

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WWE’s Becky Lynch recently revealed her struggle with post-weaning depression, a topic rarely discussed in the public sphere.

After the birth of her daughter Roux in December 2020, Lynch thought she had avoided postpartum depression, only to find herself battling post-weaning depression months later, around the time of her WrestleMania 39 match in April.

Despite her successful career, a supportive husband, and a healthy baby, Lynch found herself sinking into a dark place, unable to reason her way out of her depression. “It was kind of one of those things where you’re trying to pull yourself out of it… But no reasoning with yourself was able to overcome that level of depression,’ she shared in an interview with WWE’s After the Bell podcast.

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A Silent Battle: Post-Weaning Depression

Ignorance about post-weaning depression exacerbated Lynch’s struggle. She admitted, “I didn’t know you could get post-weaning depression’¦ So, not even knowing that was a thing I think also hurt me.”

This points to the broader societal lack of awareness and understanding about post-weaning depression, an issue many new mothers face, but few discuss openly.

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Becky Lynch on the Power of Shared Experiences

Lynch’s story turned a corner when another mother in WWE recognised her symptoms. This unnamed fellow wrestler shared her own experience and offered advice, providing a lifeline of understanding and hope.

Despite this support, Lynch’s depression continued longer than she expected, highlighting the unpredictable and challenging nature of this condition.

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Healing and Recovery

In the aftermath of WrestleMania, Lynch suffered a foot injury, forcing her to take a four-week break from television.

Paradoxically, this setback proved to be a blessing. With the constant hustle of her career momentarily paused, Lynch had the opportunity to confront her depression directly.

It was during this time that she began to explore different treatment methods, including meditation, supplements, and finally acupuncture.

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