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Becky Lynch shows she is NOT HAPPY at missing WWE SummerSlam

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WWE SummerSlam 2023, has been the talk of the town with eight matches lined up. However, the event has faced criticism from fans, primarily due to the unexpected removal of the much-anticipated match between Becky Lynch and Trish Stratus.

This match, which was initially planned for SummerSlam, was later rescheduled for an episode of Raw in Winnipeg, set to air in two weeks.

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Becky Lynch: The Controversy Surrounds

Rumours were rife that Becky was in Detroit for the SummerSlam event. However, these speculations were soon put to rest by Becky herself, who clarified that she wasn’t present.

On the day of the event, Becky didn’t hold back her feelings and took to Twitter to express her disappointment. She posted a candid photo of herself with lemons, captioning it, “Making lemonade with all these lemons I’ve been given. What’s everyone else up to this weekend?!”

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Not Alone in the Disappointment

Becky and Trish weren’t the only notable absences from SummerSlam.

Rhea Ripley, the Women’s World Champion, was also missing from the event’s lineup. Rhea, like Becky, has been vocal about her feelings regarding this oversight.

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The Bigger Picture

While Becky’s absence from SummerSlam is a significant talking point, it’s essential to look at the broader context.

The decision to pull the Becky vs. Trish match due to time constraints and move it to another episode might have strategic reasons behind it.

However, for fans and the wrestlers involved, such changes can be disheartening, especially when they’ve been looking forward to a particular event.

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