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Becky Lynch reveals BIZARRE instruction she was given in WWE NXT

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In the world of professional wrestling, athletes often face a myriad of challenges and instructions that can sometimes be perplexing.

Becky Lynch, a prominent figure in WWE, recently shared an insight into her early days in WWE NXT that left fans and aspiring wrestlers alike both surprised and intrigued.

During a candid conversation on her Never Before Told alongside Seth Rollins, Lynch disclosed a peculiar directive she received: to “move like a girl.”

WWE News: The Confusing Early Days

Becky Lynch’s journey in WWE NXT was not without its hurdles. Coming into the wrestling world with a clear vision to headline WrestleMania and elevate women’s wrestling to unprecedented heights, Lynch encountered a confusing directive early on.

She was told that women wrestlers were not allowed to punch, use steps, or the post in their matches, limiting them to actions perceived as traditionally feminine, such as hair-pulling and slapping.

This directive culminated in the bewildering instruction to “move like a girl,” a comment that Lynch found particularly perplexing given her identity as a woman:

“In my early stages [in NXT], it was weird and confusing, because you were told that women can’t punch and you can’t use things like steps or the post. Are we supposed to just hair-pull and slap each other, It’s very confusing. I even remember being told, ‘Move like a girl.’ What? I am a girl, what do you mean?”

WWE News: Pushing for the Top

Lynch’s ambition was to reach the pinnacle of WWE, a domain predominantly occupied by male wrestlers.

This ambition meant navigating a male-dominated environment and seeking guidance from those who had already achieved the success she aspired to.

Lynch expressed gratitude for the support she received from fellow wrestlers, including Seth Rollins and John Cena, who provided advice and guidance.

This support was crucial in her journey towards breaking barriers and striving for equality in the wrestling world.

A Trailblazer’s Journey

Becky Lynch’s story is a testament to her resilience and determination to change the game for women in professional wrestling.

Her experiences in WWE NXT highlight the challenges female wrestlers face in a sport historically dominated by men. Lynch’s ability to navigate these challenges and her refusal to be confined by traditional expectations of femininity have paved the way for future generations of female wrestlers.

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  • What was the bizarre instruction Becky Lynch received in WWE NXT?
    • Lynch was told to “move like a girl,” a directive she found confusing and limiting.
  • How did Becky Lynch react to the challenges in WWE NXT?
    • Despite the initial confusion, Lynch remained focused on her goal to elevate women’s wrestling and sought guidance from established wrestlers.
  • Who helped Becky Lynch in her early wrestling career?
    • Lynch mentioned receiving support and advice from Seth Rollins and John Cena, among others.
  • What was Becky Lynch’s ultimate goal in WWE?
    • Lynch aimed to headline WrestleMania and make women’s wrestling a prominent and respected aspect of WWE.
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