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Becky Lynch addresses major ‘conflict of interest’

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Becky Lynch, a prominent figure in the WWE universe, recently appeared on the WWE After The Bell podcast, where she discussed her intriguing friendship with Finn Balor, who is set to challenge her husband, Seth Rollins, at the WWE Money in The Bank event this weekend.

Adding a touch of humour, Lynch referred to the upcoming match as a conflict of interest’‹. The conflict of interest that Lynch humorously pointed out comes from the fact that Finn Balor, her long-time friend of over two decades, trained her and is now set to face her husband in the ring.

With both her husband and Balor being close to her, the situation has put her in a difficult spot. As she observed, “when you saw Finn, when I walked into that gym for the first time and saw him, you knew he was going to make it.”’‹

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Becky Lynch: Calling Out Finn Balor

Lynch’s connection with Balor goes beyond the ring, a fact she acknowledged in the interview. Not only was Balor her teacher, but his aura and persona had a profound impact on Lynch, instilling in her the belief that he was destined to make it in the wrestling world.

She recalled, “You know, you were like, not only was he your teacher, so obviously you looked up to him and respected him like that, but he had that presence about him that you knew he was going to make it.”’‹

However, as she continued to express her thoughts, Lynch’s tone shifted from admiration to mild irritation. She called out Balor for his actions against her husband, stating, “God, just stop jumping my husband. You know, like, ‘I don’t want to hate you. You’re making me hate you. What are you doing?'”

Her words conveyed the difficulty she was experiencing in balancing her loyalty towards her husband and her friendship with Balor’‹, at least in storyline.

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