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Becky Lynch makes BIG tease for upcoming WWE PLE event

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WWE superstar Becky Lynch, known for her remarkable achievements in the wrestling world, recently hinted at a significant move in her career.

In a conversation on the Casual Podcast with Brad Tate, Lynch expressed her readiness to compete in the Elimination Chamber, a match she has never participated in despite her extensive wrestling repertoire.

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Becky Lynch: A Career Filled with Achievements

Lynch, a mainstay in WWE’s women’s division, has an impressive list of accomplishments. She has headlined WrestleMania, secured every championship available, and triumphed in the Royal Rumble.

Her experience spans various match types, including ladder and cage matches, showcasing her versatility and resilience in the ring.

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Setting Sights on the Elimination Chamber

Discussing her aspirations, Lynch said, “There is a big ol premium live event coming up, but first there is Elimination Chamber. Did you know that I’ve never been in an Elimination Chamber? I’ve been in many matches, nearly all of the types of matches one could do in a wrestling ring, but I’ve not been in an Elimination Chamber.

“So, I’m looking at that and thinking maybe it’s time Becky Lynch makes her debut in an Elimination Chamber match, maybe she wins, and maybe she goes on to main event WrestleMania once again.”

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Becky Lynch Elimination Chamber: Potential Impact on WrestleMania

Lynch’s potential debut in the Elimination Chamber could pave the way for another headline appearance at WrestleMania.

Her track record and fan following make her a strong contender for any match she enters, and her participation in the Elimination Chamber could add a new chapter to her already storied career.


  • What is Becky Lynch’s next goal in WWE?
    • Lynch aims to make her debut in the Elimination Chamber match.
  • Has Becky Lynch competed in an Elimination Chamber match before?
    • No, she has not yet participated in an Elimination Chamber match.
  • What are some of Becky Lynch’s achievements in WWE?
    • She has headlined WrestleMania, won various championships, and triumphed in the Royal Rumble.
  • Could Lynch’s participation in the Elimination Chamber lead to another WrestleMania main event?
    • Yes, her participation could potentially set her up for another main event at WrestleMania.
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