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Becky Lynch calls for HUGE WWE WrestleMania XL match

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In a recent turn of events, WWE superstar Becky Lynch has stirred the pot in the wrestling world by advocating for her husband, Seth Rollins, as a more fitting opponent for Cody Rhodes at the upcoming WrestleMania XL.

This development follows Rhodes’ victory at the Royal Rumble, securing his spot in the WrestleMania main event.

WWE News: Rhodes’ WrestleMania Dilemma

Cody Rhodes, after his second consecutive Royal Rumble win, faces a pivotal decision for WrestleMania XL. Initially, Rhodes seemed set on challenging Roman Reigns, but a recent episode of Monday Night RAW introduced an intriguing twist.

Seth Rollins, the current World Heavyweight Champion, made a compelling case for why he should be Rhodes’ opponent instead.

WWE News: Seth Rollins’ Persuasive Argument

During a captivating in-ring segment, Rollins highlighted the significance of the World Heavyweight title, a championship created in response to Reigns’ infrequent appearances and title defences.

Rollins went as far as to invoke the legacy of Rhodes’ late father, Dusty Rhodes, suggesting that the World title better represents Dusty’s spirit and legacy.

WWE News: Becky Lynch’s Endorsement

Adding to the drama, Becky Lynch took to her Instagram story to endorse her husband, Rollins. She posted a clip from the face-off, praising Rollins’ prowess as a champion and subtly suggesting he might be a better match for Rhodes than Reigns. Her endorsement has added another layer of intrigue to Rhodes’ decision-making process.

The Anticipation Builds

With Lynch’s public backing of Rollins and Rollins’ own compelling argument, the WWE community is abuzz with speculation.

Will Rhodes opt for the storybook ending with Reigns, or will he be swayed by Rollins’ appeal to legacy and championship prestige?


  • Who is Becky Lynch advocating for as Cody Rhodes’ opponent at WrestleMania XL?
    • Becky Lynch is advocating for Seth Rollins, her husband, as Cody Rhodes’ opponent.
  • What title does Seth Rollins currently hold?
    • Seth Rollins is the current World Heavyweight Champion.
  • What was the reason behind the creation of the World Heavyweight title?
    • The World Heavyweight title was created in response to Roman Reigns’ infrequent appearances and title defences.
  • How did Cody Rhodes secure his spot at WrestleMania XL?
    • Cody Rhodes secured his spot by winning his second consecutive Royal Rumble match.
  • What is the significance of Dusty Rhodes in this storyline?
    • Dusty Rhodes, Cody’s late father, was mentioned by Seth Rollins as a symbol of the legacy and prestige associated with the World Heavyweight title.
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