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Bianca Belair TEASES big WWE roster MOVE

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Bianca Belair has recently hinted at a significant shift in her WWE trajectory. This development comes in the wake of recent events on WWE SmackDown, where Belair, alongside Asuka and Charlotte Flair, faced a surprising betrayal.

The WWE universe was left in shock during a recent SmackDown match featuring Bianca Belair, Asuka, and Charlotte Flair against Damage CTRL.

The match took an unexpected turn when Asuka betrayed her tag team partners, aligning herself with the heel faction. This twist coincided with Kairi Sane’s return to WWE, who also joined the faction on the blue brand. This betrayal has seemingly prompted Belair to reconsider her position and future within the WWE roster.

Becky Lynch’s Influence on Bianca Belair

Becky Lynch, a former NXT Women’s Champion, recently made headlines with her return to NXT, where she briefly held the NXT Women’s Championship.

This achievement by Lynch has not gone unnoticed by her fellow wrestlers, including Bianca Belair.

In a conversation on Casual Conversations, Belair expressed admiration for Lynch’s accomplishment and hinted at her own aspirations to pursue the NXT Women’s Championship, a title she has never held in her career.

Bianca’s NXT Aspirations

Belair’s admiration for Lynch’s achievement in NXT has sparked speculation about her own future in WWE. She mentioned, “When I saw her [Becky Lynch] get that title, I was like, I know that was a checkmark for her. Even though she’s gone to do great things, that was always something she wanted to check off her list. I feel the same way. So yes, I can see one day trying to go and mark that off my accomplishments list because I was never able to do that.”

Bianca Belair: The Road Ahead

While Bianca Belair’s immediate future includes participating in the Women’s WarGames match, her long-term plans might be leaning towards a stint in NXT.

Her potential move to NXT could not only fulfil her personal aspirations but also provide a valuable veteran presence in the locker room for the emerging superstars of tomorrow.


  • What recent event on SmackDown has influenced Bianca Belair’s career decision?
    • Bianca Belair is considering a move following Asuka’s betrayal during a SmackDown match against Damage CTRL.
  • Has Bianca Belair held the NXT Women’s Championship before?
    • No, Bianca Belair has never held the NXT Women’s Championship in her career.
  • What did Bianca Belair say about Becky Lynch’s NXT Championship win?
    • Belair expressed happiness for Lynch’s win and hinted at her own aspirations to pursue the NXT Women’s Championship.
  • Is Belair confirmed to be moving to NXT?
    • As of now, Bianca Belair has only hinted at the possibility, but nothing is confirmed.
  • How could Bianca Belair’s move impact NXT?
    • Her move could bring a new dynamic to NXT, offering exciting matchups and elevating the brand with her star power and experience.
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