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Booker T wants TOP TNA star to RETURN to WWE

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In a recent turn of events, the wrestling world is abuzz with the possibility of former TNA Knockouts Champion Trinity, better known to WWE fans as Naomi, making a sensational return to WWE.

This speculation has been further fuelled by WWE Hall of Famer Booker T‘s comments on his podcast, The Hall of Fame.

WWE News: Trinity’s Potential WWE Comeback

Trinity, who left WWE in May 2022 alongside Mercedes Mone following a backstage dispute with then-WWE owner Vince McMahon, seems ready to dive back into the wrestling scene.

Her departure, which was not without controversy, had initially drawn criticism from Booker T, who felt that she should have stayed, considering her prominent position in the company.

Booker T’s Change of Heart

Despite his initial disapproval, Booker T has expressed his excitement at the prospect of Trinity’s return. “I’d love to see Trinity back in WWE,” he stated.

He acknowledged the fluid nature of the wrestling business and emphasised the importance of staying in shape and being prepared for opportunities.

Booker T believes that Trinity’s return could be a significant moment for her and the WWE, potentially even more impactful than her previous tenure.

WWE News: The Impact of Trinity’s Return

Trinity’s return to WWE could be a major event in the wrestling world. Known for her athleticism and charismatic presence, she has the potential to invigorate the women’s division and bring fresh excitement to the WWE Universe.

Her previous experience and fan following would make her a valuable asset to the promotion.


  • Who is Trinity in WWE?
    • Trinity is better known as Naomi in WWE, a former TNA Knockouts Champion.
  • Why did Trinity leave WWE?
    • She left in May 2022 following a backstage dispute with then-WWE owner Vince McMahon.
  • What has Booker T said about Trinity’s potential return?
    • Booker T expressed excitement and support for her return, noting that she would be a significant addition to WWE.
  • How could Trinity’s return impact WWE?
    • Her return could invigorate the women’s division with her athleticism and charisma, potentially making a significant impact.
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