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Bray Wyatt has been battling a SCARY health issue amid WWE return rumours

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Bray Wyatt seems to be nearing his return after battling a ‘career and life-threatening’ illness.

The Fiend has been missing from WWE TV for almost six months now. He was involved in a program with Bobby Lashley that was leading to a WrestleMania match earlier this year.

Wyatt however, was pulled from TV unexpectedly and the feud was nixed without an explanation. He has been missing from WWE programming since then with no update on his return till now.

Bray Wyatt’s health issues

Now Fightful is reporting that the former Universal Champion is getting closer to being cleared for an in-ring return. According to them, Bray has been battling an issue that’s both ‘career and life threatening’ but he has gotten better:

“Fightful has learned that Bray Wyatt is finally getting “closer” to clearance after almost six months without it. Wyatt has battled an illness that we won’t disclose, and the company and Wyatt have been taking extra precautions to make sure that his long-term health is accounted for. But there is some positive news.”

Prior to his absence, there were talks of a new Wyatt family consisting of Bray, Alexa Bliss, Bo Dallas’ Uncle Howdy and Eric Young. This arrangement will not be possible anymore since Bliss is on maternity leave and Young has been released by the company. There are however, other plans being discussed for the former champion:

“Of late, we’ve confirmed that Wyatt isn’t actively cleared, but those we’ve spoken to claim that he’s getting closer, and that there have been some creative ideas presented. One source indicated that some ideas were even mentioned for September, however that won’t mean anything if he doesn’t get that clearance.”

The report stresses that the September date is not set in stone and the plans have not been finalised. The good news is that Wyatt seems to be out of danger and recovering well.

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Martin MacDonald