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Bray Wyatt Update: What is the latest on the WWE Superstar?

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WWE Superstar Bray Wyatt has not been on television for quite some time, so what is the latest with regards to the former WWE Champion?

Speaking to one of our sources, we have been able to establish that there are currently “no plans” for the company to bring Wyatt back to our screens until AT LEAST after the WWE Backlash 2023 event.

As of writing, we have been unable to find out the exact reason as to why Wyatt is not on television right now, other than the reason is being kept “confidential”, according to those we have spoken to.

Bray Wyatt WWE Return

There has been a lot of speculation as to why the Superstar has been kept off of RAW and the WrestleMania card, with some stating that it may be relating to illness.

As stated by Tom Colohue on Spoiler Warning, Vince McMahon apparently made changes to the WrestleMania card, including the change of Lashley vs Lesnar to Lashley vs Wyatt. Beyond that, McMahon’s return thus far has already apparently affected the slight creative control that Wyatt has:

“When it comes to Bray Wyatt though, the return of Vince McMahon has essentially meant the end of that creative control, because while Bray Wyatt has been pitching and writing his own storylines,
Vince McMahon has several times already stepped in and said ‘no we’re not going to be doing that,’ limiting what Bray Wyatt can actually achieve.”

Tom Colohue

Whilst we cannot confirm that this has anything to do with Wyatt remaining offscreen whatsoever, it is absolutely worth keeping it in mind for context’s sake.

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