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Brock Lesnar could be DONE with WWE

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The wrestling world is abuzz with speculation about the future of Brock Lesnar in WWE, following his noticeable absence from recent events.

Lesnar, a dominant figure in the WWE universe, has not appeared on WWE television since his defeat at the hands of Cody Rhodes at WWE SummerSlam.

This has led to widespread conjecture about his potential departure from the wrestling giant.

WWE News: Lesnar’s Absence Sparks Rumours

Lesnar’s absence was particularly felt at the Royal Rumble in St. Petersburg, where fans had hoped for his surprise return.

However, Lesnar was nowhere to be seen, fuelling rumours about his future with WWE. This absence has been linked to a sex trafficking lawsuit involving WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, possibly influencing Lesnar’s/WWE’s decision for him to stay away from television.

WWE News: The Impact on WWE Storylines

Originally, Lesnar was slated to engage in a storyline with Dominik Mysterio at the 2024 Elimination Chamber Premium Live Event, according to a report from John Pollock of Post Wrestling.

However, with the uncertainty over Lesnar’s availability, there’s speculation that Bron Breakker might replace him in this storyline. This change could significantly alter WWE’s planned narratives and the dynamics of its roster.

Wrestling Experts Weigh In

Dave Meltzer, during an episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, suggested that Lesnar’s absence might be more than a temporary hiatus.

In the unpredictable world of professional wrestling, where returns are common, Lesnar’s case seems uncertain.

Meltzer noted that while it’s rare to say ‘forever’ in wrestling, especially for a draw like Lesnar, his return remains a question mark.

The Future of ‘The Beast Incarnate’

As time passes, the question remains whether the WWE universe will see ‘The Beast Incarnate’ in action again.

Lesnar’s future with WWE is shrouded in mystery, leaving fans and insiders alike pondering the impact of his potential departure on the wrestling landscape.


  • Why hasn’t Brock Lesnar appeared in WWE recently? Lesnar has been absent from WWE events since his defeat at WWE SummerSlam, with speculation linking his absence to a sex trafficking lawsuit involving Vince McMahon.
  • Was Brock Lesnar supposed to be at the Royal Rumble? There were rumours of Lesnar making a surprise appearance at the Royal Rumble, but he did not show up.
  • What was Brock Lesnar’s planned storyline? Lesnar was originally planned to engage in a storyline with Dominik Mysterio at the 2024 Elimination Chamber Premium Live Event.
  • Who might replace Brock Lesnar in the WWE storyline? Bron Breakker is speculated to replace Lesnar in his planned storyline with Dominik Mysterio.
  • Is Brock Lesnar leaving WWE for good? The situation remains uncertain, with experts suggesting that while a permanent departure is rare in wrestling, Lesnar’s return is not guaranteed.
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