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Original Brock Lesnar PLANS that were NIXED for WWE Royal Rumble 2024

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In the dynamic world of WWE, plans often change, and the case of Brock Lesnar‘s involvement in the 2024 Royal Rumble is a prime example.

Lesnar, a formidable figure in the wrestling world, was last seen competing against Cody Rhodes at WWE SummerSlam, where he faced a defeat. Since then, his absence from WWE television sparked various speculations.

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WWE News: Lesnar’s Unexpected Absence

Many fans anticipated Lesnar’s return at the Royal Rumble event. However, contrary to these expectations, Lesnar was notably absent.

This absence was linked to his name being associated with a sex trafficking lawsuit against Vince McMahon, a situation that undoubtedly influenced WWE’s decision-making process.

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The Original Plan: Lesnar vs. Mysterio

John Pollock of Post Wrestling revealed that Lesnar was initially set to face Dominik Mysterio at the 2024 Elimination Chamber Premium Live Event.

This matchup would have been a significant highlight, given Lesnar’s reputation and Mysterio’s rising prominence in the wrestling scene.

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WWE News: Bron Breakker Steps In

In a surprising twist, Bron Breakker, a rising star in WWE, was chosen to replace Lesnar in the Royal Rumble match. Breakker, entering at the number 20 spot, showcased his skills until his elimination by Dominik Mysterio.

This development has led to speculation about whether Breakker will also replace Lesnar in the planned program with Dominik Mysterio.

The Impact of the Change

The switch from Lesnar to Breakker represents a significant shift in WWE’s storytelling and match planning.

It highlights the unpredictable nature of the wrestling industry, where plans can change rapidly due to various external factors.


  • Why was Brock Lesnar absent from the WWE Royal Rumble 2024?
    • Lesnar’s absence was reportedly linked to his name being associated with a sex trafficking lawsuit against Vince McMahon.
  • Who was Brock Lesnar originally planned to face at the 2024 Elimination Chamber?
    • Lesnar was set to face Dominik Mysterio.
  • Who replaced Brock Lesnar in the Royal Rumble match?
    • Bron Breakker replaced Lesnar in the Royal Rumble match.
  • Will Bron Breakker replace Lesnar in the program with Dominik Mysterio?
    • It is yet to be determined if Breakker will replace Lesnar in this program.
  • What does this change signify in WWE?
    • This change underscores the unpredictable and dynamic nature of match planning in WWE, influenced by external factors and internal decisions.
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