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Brock Lesnar: WWE Hall of Famer makes SENSATIONAL claim about The Beast

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In a recent episode of the True Geordie podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle made some remarkable statements about his former onscreen rival, Brock Lesnar.

Angle, a seasoned veteran in the wrestling world, did not hold back in his praise for Lesnar, describing him as the “overall best wrestler” he’s ever seen.

This bold claim from Angle, of course a highly respected figure in the industry, has sent ripples through the wrestling community.

Kurt Angle’s Perspective on Brock Lesnar and His Talent

Kurt Angle’s insights into Brock Lesnar’s abilities are particularly noteworthy given his own illustrious career in wrestling.

Angle emphasised Lesnar’s unique combination of strength, speed, and intelligence, which he believes sets Lesnar apart from his peers.

According to Angle, Lesnar’s prowess is not just confined to wrestling; he is someone who would excel in any sport he chose to pursue.

Brock Lesnar: Versatility and Dominance in Combat Sports

Lesnar’s transition from WWE to UFC is a testament to his athletic versatility. Angle recalled Lesnar’s UFC debut against Frank Mir, where despite a loss, Lesnar demonstrated his potential to dominate in the octagon.

This adaptability and resilience, as noted by Angle, are what make Lesnar a formidable athlete in any arena.

The Beast Incarnate’s Impact on Wrestling

“The Beast Incarnate,” has had a significant impact on the world of professional wrestling, predominately during his time in WWE.

His sheer physicality, coupled with his technical skills, has made him one of the most memorable and intimidating figures in the sport. Angle’s comments highlight Lesnar’s influence and the high regard in which he is held by fellow wrestlers.


  • Who is Brock Lesnar?
    • Brock Lesnar is a professional wrestler and former mixed martial artist, known for his time in WWE and UFC.
  • What did Kurt Angle say about Lesnar?
    • Kurt Angle described Brock Lesnar as the “overall best wrestler” he’s ever seen, praising his strength, speed, and intelligence.
  • Why is Brock considered unique?
    • Lesnar is considered unique due to his exceptional combination of physical strength, agility, and technical wrestling skills.
  • Has Lesnar competed in sports other than wrestling?
    • Yes, Brock Lesnar has also competed in the UFC, showcasing his skills in mixed martial arts.
  • What is Brock Lesnar’s nickname in WWE?
    • Brock Lesnar is often referred to as “The Beast Incarnate” in WWE.
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