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Bully Ray says WrestleMania 40 main event could be “giant middle finger” to AEW

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As the wrestling world gears up for WrestleMania 40, Bully Ray, a renowned figure in the industry, has sparked a conversation with his recent comments on Busted Open Radio.

He suggested that a potential main event match at WrestleMania, featuring CM Punk and Cody Rhodes for the World Heavyweight Championship, could be seen as a direct challenge to AEW (All Elite Wrestling).

WWE News: The Speculated Main Event – Punk vs. Rhodes

The wrestling community is abuzz with speculation following reports of Seth Rollins’ knee injury on WWE RAW. This has led to discussions about possible matchups for WrestleMania, with Punk competing against Rhodes being a prominent idea.

Bully Ray’s interpretation of this potential match is intriguing. He views it as WWE’s way of showing its dominance by featuring two former AEW stars in its most prestigious event.

WWE’s Strategic Move

Bully Ray delved deeper into the implications of such a match. He pondered whether WWE is using this as an opportunity to showcase who the champions leading into 2024 might be.

This match-up, according to him, is not just about the in-ring action but also about sending a message. It’s about WWE demonstrating its ability to attract and feature top talent, regardless of their past affiliations.

WWE News: The Impact on Fans and AEW

The potential of this match extends beyond the ring. It’s about the WWE gauging fan reactions to both Punk and Rhodes as World Champions.

Bully Ray highlighted the importance of the audience’s response, especially in New Orleans, where the event is set to take place. This match could be a litmus test for WWE’s future direction and its ongoing rivalry with AEW.


  • What did Bully Ray say about WrestleMania 40’s potential main event?
    • Bully Ray suggested that a match between CM Punk and Cody Rhodes could be seen as WWE’s bold statement against AEW.
  • Why is this match significant?
    • It features two former AEW stars in a prominent position at WWE’s biggest event, potentially indicating WWE’s dominance in the wrestling industry.
  • What is the speculated impact of this match?
    • Beyond the in-ring competition, it could influence fan perceptions and WWE’s future direction, especially in its rivalry with AEW.
  • Where can I hear Bully Ray’s original comments?
    • His comments were made on “Busted Open Radio”.
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