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CM Punk and Cody Rhodes get PERSONAL during WWE RAW promo

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In a recent episode of WWE RAW, fans witnessed an intense and personal exchange between CM Punk and Cody Rhodes, setting the stage for an electrifying showdown at the upcoming Royal Rumble.

WWE News: The Build-Up to a Heated Confrontation

The segment began with CM Punk recalling a conversation from 2007 with Cody’s father, “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes.

Dusty had asked Punk to watch over Cody during his time in Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW). Punk, reflecting on this past, promised to seek out and eliminate Rhodes in the Royal Rumble.

Rhodes responded by discussing his efforts to carve out his own legacy, separate from his father’s. He reminisced about Punk treating him as a peer in OVW.

However, the tone shifted when Punk questioned whether their friendship would survive past the Royal Rumble.

WWE News: Personal Jabs and Intense Rivalry

Punk didn’t hold back, attacking Rhodes’ identity and claiming to be more of an “American dream” story than Rhodes, who grew up in the wrestling industry.

Rhodes, not taking these comments lightly, hit back by referencing Punk’s infamous pipebomb promo and questioning Punk’s authenticity.

The tension escalated when Rhodes, in an uncharacteristic move, shoved Punk while trying to leave the ring. This led to a heated face-to-face confrontation, with the New Orleans crowd vocally divided between the two wrestlers.

Anticipation for the Royal Rumble

This exchange has set a highly personal tone for their upcoming encounter at the Royal Rumble, scheduled for Saturday, January 27.

The intensity of their promo segment has raised expectations for what promises to be a memorable clash.

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  • What sparked the confrontation between CM Punk and Cody Rhodes?
    • The confrontation was sparked by Punk’s comments about watching over Rhodes in OVW and questioning their friendship’s future.
  • What did Rhodes say in response to Punk’s comments?
    • Rhodes spoke about his journey to establish his own identity, separate from his father’s legacy, and questioned Punk’s authenticity.
  • When is the Royal Rumble taking place?
    • The Royal Rumble is scheduled for Saturday, January 27.
  • What was the crowd’s reaction during the promo?
    • The crowd was vocally divided, alternating between chants for both CM Punk and Cody Rhodes.
  • Did the promo end in a physical altercation?
    • The promo escalated to a physical level when Rhodes shoved Punk, leading to an intense face-to-face standoff.
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