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CM Punk spotted with MAJOR NXT Superstar following their surgery

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In a heartwarming display of camaraderie, CM Punk, the renowned wrestling icon, recently paid a visit to NXT superstar Cora Jade, offering moral support as she recovers from a significant ACL surgery.

This encounter, capturing the essence of solidarity in the wrestling community, has sparked interest and admiration among fans and fellow wrestlers alike.

WWE News: Cora Jade’s Road to Recovery

Cora Jade, a rising star in WWE’s NXT division, suffered a torn ACL during a live event earlier this month.

This unfortunate injury necessitated surgery, sidelining her from WWE television for what is estimated to be a year.

Jade’s journey through recovery has been a topic of concern and support among her fans and peers.

WWE News: The Visit from CM Punk

CM Punk, known as The Second City Saint, took time to visit Jade, showcasing a gesture of support that transcends the boundaries of WWE brands.

Jade shared videos on her Instagram, capturing moments of her alongside CM Punk, Roxanne Perez, and Jacy Jayne.

This visit not only provided Jade with much-needed moral support but also highlighted the close-knit nature of the wrestling community.

The Impact of the Injury on NXT

Jade’s absence from NXT is significant, given her rising popularity and potential in the division.

Her injury and subsequent recovery period pose challenges for WWE’s creative plans, but also open opportunities for other wrestlers to step into the spotlight.

Fans eagerly await Jade’s return, speculating on the impact she will make upon her comeback.


  • What injury did Cora Jade sustain?
    • Cora Jade suffered a torn ACL during a WWE NXT Live Event.
  • How long is Cora Jade expected to be out of action?
    • She is expected to be out of action for almost one year.
  • Who visited Cora Jade during her recovery?
    • CM Punk, alongside Roxanne Perez and Jacy Jayne, visited her.
  • What does this visit signify in the wrestling community?
    • The visit exemplifies solidarity and support within the wrestling community.
  • What are the implications of Jade’s absence for NXT?
    • Her absence poses challenges for WWE’s creative plans and provides opportunities for other wrestlers to shine.
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