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MASSIVE update on potential CM Punk DREAM match

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The wrestling world is abuzz with the latest developments regarding a potential dream match between CM Punk and Roman Reigns.

This highly anticipated clash comes into focus following CM Punk’s dramatic return to WWE at Survivor Series, ending his nearly decade-long absence from the company.

CM Punk: Triumphant WWE Return

CM Punk made a stunning comeback at this year’s Survivor Series event in Chicago, marking his return to WWE after an almost 10-year hiatus.

His re-entry into WWE’s realm follows his departure from AEW back on September 2nd. This move sparked widespread speculation about WWE’s willingness to re-sign him, given the circumstances of his exit from AEW.

Roman Reigns’ Openness to the Match

Roman Reigns, a dominant figure in WWE, has had his share of issues with CM Punk in the past. However, he has consistently expressed his willingness to work with Punk if he were to return to the company.

This attitude sets the stage for a potential showdown that fans have long been clamouring for.

Jey Uso’s Insight

Jey Uso, Roman Reigns’ cousin, recently spoke to the Daily Mail about the possibility of this high-profile match. He confidently stated that Roman is “ready to put anybody down,” including Punk.

Uso’s comments add fuel to the fire of anticipation, suggesting that Reigns is more than prepared for this challenge.

The Road Ahead

As the wrestling community eagerly awaits further developments, several questions remain. Will this dream match materialise?

How will CM Punk’s return reshape the dynamics of WWE? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain: the potential showdown between CM Punk and Roman Reigns is a storyline that has captured the imagination of wrestling fans worldwide.


  • What event marked CM Punk’s return to WWE? Punk returned to WWE at the Survivor Series event.
  • How long was CM Punk away from WWE? The Straight Edge Superstar was away from WWE for almost 10 years.
  • What are Roman Reigns’ thoughts on a match with CM Punk? Roman Reigns has expressed openness to working with the former WWE Champion, despite past issues.
  • Who commented on the potential match between Reigns and Punk? Jey Uso, Roman Reigns’ cousin, discussed the potential match and Reigns’ readiness.
  • Is there any speculation about which brand CM Punk will join? There is speculation, with questions raised about whether Raw would sign Punk.
  • Has Seth Rollins commented on CM Punk’s return? Yes, Seth Rollins has discussed his real-life issues with Punk and the possibility of working with him.
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