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CM Punk: DREAM MATCH rumoured to NOT be in talks following Reports

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Recently, the wrestling community has been abuzz with the possibility of a match between CM Punk and Steve Austin, two of the industry’s most iconic figures.

However, recent rumours from Ringside News suggest that this much-anticipated encounter might not be on the cards after all.

The Return of CM Punk: A New Era of Possibilities

CM Punk’s return to WWE has opened a Pandora’s box of potential matchups, exciting fans worldwide. His comeback has been one of the most talked-about events in the wrestling world, leading to widespread speculation about future opponents.

Among these, the name of Steve Austin has been prominent, stirring the imaginations of fans and commentators alike.

The Rumour Mill: Austin vs CM Punk

The prospect of a match between CM Punk and Steve Austin has been a topic of intense discussion with fans online, especially after a report from Fightful Select indicated that there were talks about the match taking place.

This potential clash, seen by many as a dream match, has been eagerly anticipated, with fans and pundits alike speculating about the outcome of such an epic encounter.

Report from Ringside News

Despite the high hopes and rampant speculation, a recent report paints a different picture. According to Ringside News, a tenured member of the WWE creative team has indicated that there has been no discussion about a match between Austin and Punk.

It’s worth noting though that this is a rumour at this time, as the lengthy report from Fightful Select, a more reputable outlet, indicates that it has been in talks recently.


  • Is the CM Punk vs Steve Austin match happening?
    • As of now, there are reportedly talks about a CM Punk vs Steve Austin match according to Ringside News, but that should be treated as a rumour.
  • Why is the CM Punk vs Steve Austin match so anticipated?
    • Both wrestlers are iconic figures in the industry, and their history adds to the excitement of a potential match.
  • What is the source of this information?
    • This information is based on a report from Ringside News, citing insider sources within the WWE creative team.
  • Can this situation change in the future?
    • In professional wrestling, situations can change rapidly, so there’s always a possibility, though nothing is confirmed at this time.
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