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CM Punk REACTION was NOT a dig at The Young Bucks

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In the dynamic world of professional wrestling, where actions in the ring often speak louder than words, the recent episode of WWE Monday Night RAW featuring CM Punk has sparked a flurry of speculation and debate among fans.

On the November 27th episode, Punk made a triumphant return to WWE television, emphatically stating that he is “home” and that WWE is “where [he] belongs.”

However, it was a specific gesture made by Punk during his promo that became the focal point of discussion among the wrestling community.

CM Punk WWE RAW Return: The Gesture in Question

Towards the end of his promo, CM Punk raised his hands in the air while doing a quick run, a gesture that many fans on social media interpreted as a possible jab at AEW and The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson).

This interpretation stems from a recent controversy involving The Young Bucks, who were embroiled in a situation following Punk’s departure from AEW in September, ahead of AEW Collision in Chicago, IL.

An off-air video clip showed Matt Jackson doing a type of “victory lap” around the ring, which some fans saw as similar to Punk’s gesture on RAW.

Setting the Record Straight

However, according to reports from Haus of Wrestling, sources close to CM Punk have clarified that his gesture was not intended as a dig at AEW or The Young Bucks.

Instead, it was simply Punk’s spontaneous reaction to the moment, an expression of his excitement and passion upon returning to the WWE universe.

These sources emphasise that Punk is currently focused on moving past “the drama of AEW” and has no intention of addressing the events that transpired at his previous wrestling home.

CM Punk ‘Mocking’ Young Bucks? A Distinct Difference

It is important to note that if Punk had intended to recreate The Young Bucks’ victory lap, it would have been more direct and unmistakable.

The gesture he made on RAW, while superficially similar, was different in its context and execution, underscoring the fact that it was not a calculated move to mimic or mock The Young Bucks.

The Bigger Picture

This clarification is crucial in understanding CM Punk’s current mindset and his approach to his WWE comeback. Punk, a seasoned and respected figure in the wrestling world, is known for his straightforward and often outspoken nature.

His return to WWE marks a new chapter in his career, one that he appears keen to embark on without the baggage of past controversies.


  • Was CM Punk’s gesture on WWE RAW a dig at The Young Bucks? No, sources close to Punk have clarified that it was not intended as a jab at The Young Bucks.
  • What was the context of CM Punk’s gesture? It was a spontaneous reaction to his excitement and passion upon returning to WWE.
  • Is CM Punk planning to address his past with AEW? No, he is reportedly focused on moving past the drama of AEW and not planning to address it.
  • How was Punk’s gesture different from The Young Bucks’ victory lap? Punk’s gesture, while superficially similar, was different in context and execution, indicating it was not a mimicry of The Young Bucks.
  • What does Punk’s return to WWE signify? It marks a new chapter in his career, one where he is looking to move forward without the baggage of past controversies.
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