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In a stunning development that has set the wrestling world abuzz, CM Punk, one of the most charismatic and controversial figures in professional wrestling, has made a sensational return to WWE.

After nearly a decade away from the company, Punk’s comeback was marked by an electrifying appearance at the Survivor Series event in Chicago.

This return has not only excited fans worldwide but also set the stage for some potentially epic confrontations.

CM Punk Return: A Game Changer for WWE

CM Punk’s return to WWE is more than just a comeback; it’s a seismic shift in the wrestling landscape.

His hiatus from WWE was filled with rumours and speculations, making his return all the more impactful. Punk, known for his exceptional mic skills and in-ring prowess, brings a unique energy that has been missing from the WWE universe.

The First Feud: Seth Rollins Steps Up

The first major feud for CM Punk upon his return will be with none other than Seth Rollins as confirmed in a recent report from Sports Illustrated:

“A feud between Rollins and Punk is a massive positive for both men. Punk can still wrestle at a high level, but his work will only be enhanced in the ring with a world-class wrestler like Rollins. While it is not the current favourite, there is plenty of reason to believe Punk-Rollins could serve as the main event for the opening night of WrestleMania 40. For Rollins, that would simply not be the case without Punk.”

The Potential Showdown with Roman Reigns

Looking beyond the immediate horizon, there are plans for CM Punk to feud with Roman Reigns, again confirmed by Sports Illustrated:

“There are plans for Punk to feud with Roman Reigns, Sports Illustrated has learned. But it will not be Punk against Reigns first, as that spot belongs to Rollins.”

CM Punk: Legacy and Future

CM Punk’s return is not just about the big matches and rivalries; it’s also about his legacy. Known for his outspoken nature and ability to connect with the audience, Punk has always been more than just a wrestler.

His return to WWE is a chance to add new chapters to his storied career and perhaps redefine his legacy in the world of professional wrestling after a disastrous end to his run in AEW.


  • What is CM Punk’s first feud since returning to WWE? CM Punk’s first feud since his return is with Seth Rollins.
  • Will CM Punk feud with Roman Reigns? Yes, there are plans for CM Punk to feud with Roman Reigns, but this will occur after his rivalry with Seth Rollins.
  • When did CM Punk return to WWE? CM Punk returned to WWE at the Survivor Series event in Chicago.
  • Could CM Punk and Seth Rollins main event WrestleMania 40? While not confirmed, there is strong potential for the Punk-Rollins feud to be a main event at WrestleMania 40.
  • What makes CM Punk’s return significant? CM Punk’s return is significant due to his popularity, legacy, and the potential impact on WWE’s storytelling and match quality.
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