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CM Punk: WWE Champion Reveals ISSUES He Has with Former AEW Star

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WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins recently opened up about his personal and professional grievances with CM Punk, a former AEW star who made a dramatic return to WWE.

Punk’s comeback, after nearly a decade away, occurred at the climax of this year’s Survivor Series event in Chicago.

This return followed his controversial departure from AEW, which was sparked by a backstage altercation at AEW All In at Wembley Stadium in August.

Rollins, known for his candidness, expressed his dissatisfaction during Punk’s return, visibly attempting to confront him. This incident brought to light the long-standing issues between the two wrestlers.

Rollins’ Perspective on CM Punk and his Attitude

In a revealing interview with the Sports Illustrated Media podcast, Rollins delved into the root of his issues with Punk. He accused Punk of being “selfish” and “self-serving,” particularly in his approach to the wrestling industry.

Rollins reflected on his initial interactions with Punk, noting that while Punk had assisted him in his career, he had become increasingly disillusioned with Punk’s attitude over time.

Rollins criticised Punk for his negative comments about him and the WWE, labelling them as deeply insulting. He highlighted Punk’s derogatory remarks, including calling him a “bootlicker,” and expressed his hurt over these personal attacks.

The Complexity of Working with CM Punk

When asked about the possibility of working with Punk again, Rollins acknowledged the challenges but didn’t rule it out.

He emphasised the need for cooperation and understanding when crafting a story or match, admitting that working with someone you have issues with can be like “pulling teeth.” However, Rollins remained open to the idea, citing his professionalism and commitment to the business.

He also touched upon the potential for mending fences with Punk, despite the deep-seated animosity. Rollins, approaching his late 30s, expressed a desire to move past negativity and focus on positive contributions to the industry.

The Future of Rollins and Punk’s Relationship

The interview concluded with Rollins contemplating the future of his relationship with Punk. He expressed a willingness to negotiate and work together if the opportunity arises, emphasising his open-mindedness and business acumen.

Rollins confidently stated that if a feud between him and Punk were to happen, it would undoubtedly be magic: “You don’t like everybody you work with, I certainly haven’t liked everybody I’ve been in the ring with over the years, but I’ve always found a way to make magic out of it. If it is Seth Rollins vs. CM Punk, somewhere down the road, one way or another, it’s going to be magic.”


  • What are Seth Rollins’ main issues with CM Punk?
    • Rollins cites Punk’s selfishness, negative comments about him and WWE, and a general attitude of self-service as his primary issues.
  • Did Rollins and Punk have a positive relationship in the past?
    • Initially, yes. Rollins acknowledged that Punk helped him in his career, though he questions the motives behind that assistance.
  • Will Rollins refuse to work with Punk in the future?
    • While acknowledging the challenges, Rollins is open to working with Punk and potentially resolving their issues.
  • What sparked Punk’s return to WWE?
    • Punk returned to WWE following his departure from AEW, which was preceded by a backstage altercation at AEW All In.
  • Is there a potential feud between Rollins and Punk?
    • Rollins hinted that a feud between them could be on the horizon, suggesting it would be a significant event in WWE.
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